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What is ASP?

ASP (Active Server Pages) is Microsoft's server-side script engine for dynamically-generating web pages. Programming ASP websites is made easier by various built-in libraries and the ability to write ASP code in whatever language you wish.

InstantASP and ChiliASP are technologies that run ASP scripts without Windows Operating System. There are large open source communities on the WWW, such as ASPNuke, which produce ASP scripts, components and applications to be used for free under certain license terms.

Blog Scripts
A weblog or blog is a web-based publication site consisting primarily of periodic articles (listed in reverse chronological order).


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Ublog is an easy to use blog extension that is easily intergrated into any website.
BlogX - Matthew 1471s Edition

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BlogX is an award winning ASP based Blog engine. It is Free for personal use and it is very secure, while not restricting usage. So users can place comments on your blog without having to sign-up, while at the same time there is a comment spam management system.

Chat Scripts
These chat scripts allow IRC (Internet Relay Chat) functionality on any webpage hosted on an ASP supporting server.

ASP ChatNow

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ASP ChatNow is an ASP based chatroom. It does not require any special components to run, and it does not require the use of global.asa like most other chat rooms! ChatNow also does not have to "refresh" the page to display new messages, and that makes ChatNow unique to most other ASP Chatrooms. You can have ChatNow setup and running within minutes. The only thing that needs to be configured is the administrator password.
Maxtricity Tagger

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The Maxtricity Tagger is a small ASP script that includes 3 pages for use, an Access Database for data storage, and a folder of smiley images. With this script, users can post small messages on your website for other users to read and respond to. It also includes an admin section to edit and delete messages while still being very easy to integrate into an existing user or admin system.

Banner Rotation Scripts
These are scripts that will help you manage your advertisement space. They will help you build a banner rotation system, view statistics like banner impressions and number of clicks etc.

Ad Rotating

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Ad Rotating a script that allows you to rotate your ads. It requires only a cursory knowledge of Microsoft Access and a little ASP experience. The zip file consists of a Microsoft Access database, an ASP file, and install notes.

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AdMentor is a free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. Features include support for multiple banner sizes, zoning, HTML generator and the possibility to implement ads within static HTML pages. An Access Database is used in the backend storing farms, banners, clicks and impressions. Simple administration scripts and statistic pages are also available.

Guestbook Scripts
A guestbook is a tool allowing visitors to leave a public message on your website, such as the guestbook used in some hotels or a visitor's logs used by receptionists in some small offices.

ASP Guestbook Free

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Free ASP Guestbook is an easy to use web-based content management guestbook. It is simple to install and use. And includes multiple languages support.

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Uguestbook is an easy to use guestbook extension that is easily integrated into any website.

Content Management Scripts
A content management system (CMS) is a software system used to assist users manage content and content presentation by separating the two. A CMS often facilitates the collaborative creation of documents.

ASP Content Management

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ASP Content Management is a CMS with a web-based WYSIWYG page editor.

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PortalApp was built on a content-centric database model that accommodates virtually any type of content. Content can be Articles, News, Photos, Files, FAQ, Notes, Blog Posts or even a series of pages. PortalApp's content management system features an intuitive WYSIWYG editor which is easy to use and designed to be managed by non-technical personnel.

Poll and Vote Scripts
Gather information on your visitors by asking them to vote on a poll.

PetitionScript 2.0

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PetitionScript 2.0 is an easy and complete tool for managing online petitions. Supports an unlimited number of signatures, double checking of petition signers, final signature confirmation email sent to signers, a "Support us" page with cut & paste HTML banner code, usage statistics and privacy features.

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PollAdmin is an ASP/Access based poll manager. Just enter the Poll Question and 3 options, and then the poll is updated instantly. There is also a page for the admin to see hits on every poll, as well the two pages where the poll takes place.

Mailing List Scripts
A Mailing List allows subscribers of the mailing list to all receive the same email message when one is sentout. This is a good way of keeping visitors of a website upto-date on developments if they opt-in to receive updates.

MailingList Pro

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MailingList pro. This easy-to-use Mailinglist manager allows you to easily collect, manage and send effective targeted newsletters and emails to your customers and visitors.
Qmailing List Manager

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Qmailing List Manager is a very useful online newsletter and mailing list manager. The Script sends emails to subscribers very quickly to all members once one is sent. Qmail is freeware and can use with everyone without having a knowledge about ASP or HTML. However free site registration is required.
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