So how is an awesome explainer video script template born?

Well, as you might know the script is the element of an explainer video, which can make or break your conversion rates. The script of the explainer video is 8x more important, than the visuals of the animation. Therefore it is very important we craft it carefully.


There are few elements, which you need to include in the script to be effect. The first element is the attention grabber. The attention grabber is responsible for keeping the visitor glued to the video in the critical 4 second interval. The best practice is to call out your target market. Now why this is important? Most of the videos, which are produced, are generally not included in it.
In order for you to keep your customers attention you have to be different the other 5 million videos the have seen previously. If you think about it, how many videos you have watched start with are you an account, who is struggling with invoicing…? Not many, and if you are an accountant, who does struggle with invoicing you are going to pay attention to the rest of the message right away. The key is to identify your target market and include it in the beginning of the script.

The second element of a successful explainer video is identification of the customers problems. So once you know, who is your ideal customer, you have to find their deepest problems. You have to remind them their problems to create emotional response. Describe their problems in depth, it brings them back to the state of frustration. When we human beings are frustrated we ultimately start looking for solutions.

Therefore in the 3rd part we present them a solution for their frustration, which gets them even more interested and a little bit relieved, that finally there is something, that can eliminate the negative feelings and solve their problems. The solution ideally should be your product or service, which you are promoting on your website. People usually pay for, what they preceive is valuable. Now do not get more wrong, you should have a real solution to their problems, but if you do not convey, that properly it does not matter even a bit.

Explain how does this solution work and make them realize, that what you are offering is going to solve their problems. In this part you are logically help them rationalize their decision of liking your product or service. We are emotional creatures, however in order for us not to look like we went insane we look for rational reasons ,why we have acted the way we acted.

In the fifth section, is your job to list the main benefits of your product, start with the benefit, which causes the biggest relief in the prospects. For example explain them, that finally they are going to have some time for their family, because they do not have to worry about the invoicing anymore or that do not have to waste time of editing the same thing over and over again. You get the idea.

Lastly, you have to tell them what the next step is on your website. If you miss this part, you might have convinced the visitor to get in touch with you, however if you are not telling them what to do they are going to get confused and leave your site. Visitors are not merciful , if you waste their time you are done.

These tips were provided by the explainer video company called We Can Explain during our consultation, we have fallen in love with the process so we have decided to create this site to help you create your script.